Artist Statement

         Noah Nies is a motion designer, animator, photographer, printmaker, and artist based in Baltimore, MD. While he hopes to practice motion design or animation professionally in a small studio or group of close colleagues, he is confident he will enjoy anything he gets himself into.
          In his personal practice, Noah enjoys making animated shorts with experimental and alternative techniques combining imagery and place, textured visuals, themes of found family, introspection and the self, and finding one's place in the world. He crosses media, bringing together motion graphic, 3D, digital animation, historic photographic printing, analog film, hand-drawn imagery, and everything that looks gritty, dirty, and crunchy. He draws inspiration from material history, archival photographs, obsolete technology, indie/alternative/retro music, subcultures, and anything that strikes his interest as he makes.
          In his spare time, Noah enjoys everything including medieval history, collecting vintage cameras, cooking, historical sword-fighting, gaming, learning new ways to make art and craft, and everything and anything DIY.

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