Mograph Monday, Baltimore (March 2020 Promo)
Co-created by Julia Blurton-Jones.
Aquinas 101, S2 E11
Animation only. Assets and titles by Early Light Media.
0:00-0:32, 1:16-1:28, 1:43-2:05, 2:30-2:45, 3:30-3:42, 6:06-6:22
Soup Zine Call to Submission
Animation and design.
UMBC Event Highlights
Animation 10-30 seconds used to spread awareness for events put on by student and faculty at UMBC, displayed on digital signage in the Commons and University Center.
UMBC Winter Session 2021
Animation and asset creation. Co-created by Kellee Roeder.
UMBC Cares
Animation. Assets by commonvision.
Hack UMBC (2018)
Animation. Assets by commonvision.
Healthy Habits
Animation. Assets by commonvision.
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